Volunteers… The Life and Breath of Our Organization!

Volunteers play an important role in the operations of this organization. We depend heavily on over 5000 people, province wide, to support our fundraising efforts, our program delivery and our public education and outreach projects.

Volunteers serve on our Board of Directors providing guidance, support and expertise to ensure the continuation of the Lung Association and the vital lung health research, education and advocacy programs in respiratory health.

You can help The Newfoundland and Labrador Lung Association by volunteering to:

      * Canvass for our Christmas Seal Campaign in your community
      * Help at our fundraising events or organize an event in your community
      * Helping with our information booths and community displays throughout the province
      * Perform general office duties, answering the telephone, photocopying etc
      * Assemble envelopes, letters etc.

Your decision to volunteer will give you:

      * An opportunity to meet other people in the community
      * Varied and valuable skills and experience when looking for a job
      * A sense of helping your community
      * An appreciation for your work and for knowing you are making a difference!

The possibilities are endless and we really need your support please give us a call at (709) 726-4664.

Comments from Volunteers just like you…

  “My Volunteer experience at The Lung Association was fun & amazing and I met a lot of wonderful people.  The Staff there were so helpful, kind and caring I felt welcomed and comfortable on my first day and the same way throughout my time there. I learned new things improved in computer skills, organizing, and I boosted my confidence level.  I am very happy that I had my Volunteer Placement with The Lung Association and I would recommend for more people to get out there and to see the great and helpful info that they have to offer.”
  Jennifer Lane
  Skills Links Volunteer, Winter/Spring 2007


  The time I spent volunteering with the Lung Association has granted me both professional and life skills that, almost 2 years later, I am still benefiting from.  I learned what it means to work within a group, and I have met some fantastic people, who I am still friends with today. The volunteer work I completed was a great experience, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
    April Mackey
  Volunteer (Archives) Spring 2006


  “Volunteering at the Newfoundland and Labrador Lung Association helped me gain a variety of personal and professional skills. Most importantly, I learned how much I enjoy the feeling I get when my work contributes to the well being of others. I greatly appreciate the experience I gained, as does my current employer!
  Dancing around in a puffin costume can be a whole lot of fun as well!”
  Darrell Smith, Dildo, NL
  Memorial University
  B.Comm (Co-op), 2001

  “I started volunteering with the Lung Association in 1998, the same year that I started a two year office administration program at the College of the North Atlantic. I found it very helpful when I started applying for jobs; employers were impressed with the experience I gained from volunteering with the Lung Association. It also helped me get my present job! The experience and friends I gained at the Lung Association will last me a lifetime.”

  Heather Piercey, Norman’s Cove, NL
  College of the North Atlantic
  Office Administration - Executive Option, 2000


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